Molecular Oncology Laboratory

Laboratory of Molecular Oncology (LMO)


The objective of the Laboratory of Molecular Oncology (LMO) is the molecular/genetic research in cancer with clinical and histological correlations. Its scopes include exploring the feasibility of applying preclinical and translational research data in Oncology clinical diagnostics / therapeutics.

The individual objectives of translational research conducted in LMO include:

  • Identification of genetic/molecular markers of sensitivity/resistance in compounds and regimens used in oncology
  • Identification of genetic/molecular prognostic factors independent of the administered therapies
  • Development and testing of diagnostics for the aforementioned markers for clinical application.

These translational research studies are conducted in archival tissue or other biologic material derived from patients participating in HeLLENIC Cooperative Oncology Group clinical trials and registry studies after written informed consent has been obtained.

Studies at LMO include the investigation and assessment of multiple genetic and molecular changes, using technology that allows for immunohistochemical, in situ and PCR-based methods for automated, large-scale molecular / genetic tests. The immunohistochemical studies are carried out on tissue microarrays, which allow considerable savings in time, labour, reagents, cost and allow for high throughput results. A detailed inventory of the characteristics of archival tissue material precedes the molecular studies in order to guarantee a reliable evaluation of the results and correlational analysis with clinical-pathological data. The Tissue Biobank of HeLLENIC Cooperative Oncology Group posseses a remarkable number of biosamples in combination with high-quality recording of clinicopathological data.

LMO employs staff that includes physicians, biologists and specialised bench/lab workers.