The ΗeLLENIC COOPERATIVE ONCOLOGY GROUP (HeCOG) is a non-profit scientific organisation that consists of leading physicians and other scientists, members of the Medical Oncologic community.

The main objectives of the organisation are:


  • The study and development of novel antineoplastic therapies.
  • The promotion of clinical and basic research both in Greece and internationally, in collaboration with respective scientific organisations.
  • The organisation of scientific seminars and symposia with the aim of informing and educating physicians and other scientists dealing with a field of interest, as well as medical students.
  • The organisation of scientific fora, libraries and other related activities.

In the context of these objectives HeCOG is engaged in the design, development and conduct of clinical research trials, while at the same time in the formulation of recommended therapies for malignant tumours according to approved indications. These studies are characterised by a high reliability and quality benchmark, are quality-tested at all stages of their implementation and result in production of scientific research which is presented at international conferences and is published in authoritative and well-known peer-reviewed Oncology medical journals. Recently in addition to clinical research HeCOG, has been active in the field of translational research, which significantly contributes to the development of Οncology and individualisation of therapy.

All clinical trials are conducted in accordance with IHC GCP guidelines and all applicable laws and regulations.

ΗeCOG Data Office which is the Group’s headquarters, is located in Athens and coordinates all trial related activities such as clinical data management, monitoring, programming, biostatistical analyses, collection of biologic material as well as translational research projects integrated into the clinical trials.

HeCOG currently employs 50 people as permanent staff.

HeCOG is a major research group in our country with significant scientific impact, international recognition and ambitious future plans for optimised cancer care and research.
In 2001, HeCOG
was awarded an honorary distinction from the Academy of Athens for its work and contribution to the management of cancer patients in our country.

As an internationally established collaborative research group, HeCOG has the willingness and potential to assume an even more important role in the field of cancer research and therapeutic management. Moreover, it can substantially help doctors and patients in the battle against an illness that can and must be defeated.